what is the internet | How does the internet work

What is the internet

Today, the Internet has become a powerful medium of communication. It was founded in 1986 by the US Department of Defense, the purpose of its establishment was to provide security related information to computers in a computer that was installed thousands of miles away from one place.

what is the internet
what is the internet

If you define the Internet today, then only it can be said that it is a network of millions of computers spread across the world. These computers are connected to each other and exchange information of any kind between them quickly.

This is why the Internet is called super highway. It is still in the field of commerce that all activities are completed on the internet today. Switch to this you can watch movies newspaper can read can read newspapers and magazines can listen to songs and games can also play

How does the internet work

Internet browser Internet browser is a software that lets you use the internet with the help of this software helps in connecting the Internet to our computer and through it we can see from written material to movies.

Materials Required For the use of the Internet, you will need the following material: External modem or internal telephone telephone handset connector cable telephone wired

Make connections If you have a connection, then you will have to install it on your computer for a computer

Internet access

E-banking -It is also called online banking. With this facility, people do not have to spend their time and money in the bank. You can get the full status of your account when you sit at home, in this type of online banking, the customer is doing his own service. There is also increasing use of tele banking and mobile banking in this area.

E-marketing- It is a facility of selling sales through the internet today. You can buy any clock in the US in any of the departmental stores or watch showrooms in 1 minute sitting in the US, in which companies know the customer's response to their object through the internet.

 Today many companies in our country sell goods through internet via departmental stores credit card
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