Due to lack of blood and its remedy


Deficiency of hemoglobin due to iron deficiency in the blood is known as anemia, the disease of anemia. Iron produces red blood cells in our body. These cells work only to make hemoglobin in the body. Therefore, iron deficiency leads to hemoglobin deficiency and decreased hemoglobin decreases the body's oxygen deficiency, because hemoglobin only transmits oxygen from the lungs to the oxygen in the blood.
Due to lack of blood and its remedy

 Anemia is not a disease, but it can certainly be the cause of many diseases. Changes in dietary habits with lifestyle are coming out as the main reason for this problem. Increasing children, lactating women and people with sickness are more at risk of anemia. Almost 60 percent of the world's women, and about 90 percent of our women are suffering from anemia.

  reason :

• Kidney cancer: A kidney is produced by kidneys called Erythropoietin, which helps in the formation of bone marrow in red blood cells, people who have kidney cancer have Erythropoieti Hormones do not form and due to this, the formation of red blood cells also decreases, resulting in anemia.

 • Changes in genes of hemoglobin: This type of anemia is called Sickle Cell Anemia (Sickle Cell Anemia). Due to abnormal hemoglobin, red blood cells become sycamore, there are several types of sekyl cell anemia, which have different effects at different levels.

 Thalassemia: Thalassemia is genetic anemia, in this type of anemia, hemoglobin begins to become more or less than the desired quantity.

 • Lack of Vitamin B12: Lack of Vitamin B12 in the body is likely to cause paranoia anemia. Pernicus anemia Most people who drink alcohol with a lot of alcohol are the pure vegetarians.

 • Hemorrhoid anemia: In menstrual period, excessive secretion, secretion of any injury or injury, gastrointestinal ulcer, colon cancer etc. can gradually increase the anemia due to frequent bleeding.

 • Being sick for a long time: Any type of chronic disease can lead to anemia.

  Symptoms :

• Eyes get yellow
• Feeling weakness and exhaustion
• dizziness
• Chest pain and chest tightness
• Pale skin and nails
• Late being blind in front of eyes
• breathlessness
• Headache
• Cooling hands and feet
• Beating heartbeat or abnormal

  Ayurvedic treatment:

The spinach has plenty of iron and vitamin B12. Additionally, spinach is also a high source of folic acid. In such a way, eating spinach is the result of the lack of blood. By making spinach soup for treatment, or spinach's greens, etc. should be included in their daily diet.

Pomegranate increases hemoglobin in the body very fast. Pomegranate contains high amounts of protein and carbohydrate. It also contains iron and calcium. It improves blood circulation by increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the blood rapidly. Eat empty stomach pomegranates in the morning for the treatment of anemia and drink pomegranate juice daily.

Apart from taking too much iron content for the body, it is also important to iron your body. Tomatoes play an important role in this. Eat two or two raw tomatoes daily. Drink a glass of tomato juice and drink plenty of tomatoes in cooking and salad.

Iron is also a very good source of dates. Hundred grams of dates contain 90 mg of iron. Leave two dates in one cup of milk for overnight. Eat these dates chewing and stomach chest in the morning. Drink leftover milk too. Drinking water in hot water for two or three hours is also beneficial. This is a better way for those who are allergic to lectose and can not take milk.

Raisin (Kishmish)
Raisins are anemia's very good home remedies. Raisins contain high nutrients such as iron, protein, fiber, sodium. For treatment, soak 10 to 15 raisins in a cup of water for overnight. Eat these raisins in the morning and eat the remaining water and drink the remaining water.

Honey is also a high source of iron and vitamin B12. Eating honey regularly also results in anemia deficiency in the body. Blood sugar can be met by mixing honey in fruit or by adding milk or using honey instead of sugar.

 Rescue  :

 Anemia is cured by taking mostly nutritious food, but some types of anemia have to be treated differently. In this case, the most important is the doctor's consultation.

 To overcome the lack of blood, firstly, the quantity of green vegetables (spinach, fenugreek), fruits and salads should be increased in the food.

 • Dried fruits such as dates, almonds and raisins should be used in plenty. There is a substantial amount of iron in it.

 • Increasing blood, such as dates, watermelon, apple, grapes, raisins and pomegranates increases blood. Pomegranate food makes great use in anemia (Fruits in Anemia).

 • Take injection of iron tablets or Iron succrine, Vitamin B-12 pill or injection from doctor's advice.

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