How to get rid of diabetes

Diabetes has now passed the boundaries of age, country and circumstance. The rapidly growing figure of its patients has become a cause of concern throughout the world. Know some home remedies for diabetics -

Lemon: Thirst for patients with diabetes is high. Therefore, after drinking thirst, drink lemon extracted and drink plenty of thirst.

Cucumber: Patients with diabetes are advised to take a little less on appetite and take light meal. This often feels hungry again. Hunger should be eaten by eating cucumber in this condition.
How to get rid of diabetes

Carrot-Spinach: These patients should drink a mixture of carrot-spinach juice. It weakens the eyes' weakness.

Turnips: The diabetic patient should use more soup, gourd, parwal, spinach, papaya etc. The use of turnip also reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. So vegetables, vegetables, parathas, salads, etc. things can change the flavor.

Jamun: Jamun is a traditional medicine in the treatment of diabetes. The jamun is called the fruit of diabetic patient, it will not be exaggerated, because its kernels, barks, juices and pulp are very beneficial in all diabetes. As per the weather, the consumption of jamun should be done in the form of medicine.

Grab the jamun kernels and collect them. Its seeds are known as jambolin, which prevents starch from changing into sugar. Make a fine powder of kernels and keep it. By consuming two or three times a day in the amount of three grams of water, the amount of sugar in the urine is reduced.
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