How To Get Rid Of Headaches

                How To Get Rid Of Headaches

1. Drinking sour of lemon juice in a black tea leaf of high leaf gives greater benefit in headache.

2 . Make coconut powder in coconut water or in a washed water, and apply it on the head, it will also help in pain relief.
How To Get Rid Of Headaches

3. The white sandal powder should be rubbed in the rice after washed in water and fired as well.

4. Keeping white cotton soaked in water and keeping it on the forehead also gives comfort.

5. Grinding the garlic in the water, its coating is also comfortable in head pain.

6. By crushing the leaves of red basil, putting juice of juice on the forehead twice a day, 3 times will also help in pain.

7. The rice will be washed in a washed water and its coating will also ease the pain in the headache.

8. Crushing green Coriander and applying her coating will be very relaxing.

9. Keeping the white cotton cloth soaked in vinegar and putting it on the forehead will also relieve pain.
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