TikTok may turn off

The band of restrictions on video streaming platform TikTok is hanging. The Madras High Court has directed the central government to ban the download of the TikTok app in the country as it is spreading obscene content.

TikTok may turn off

The Chinese App Tik Talk has already been opposed and now after the allegations of spreading pornography on it, the Madras High Court has ordered it to be banned. Not only this, the court has ordered the media not to broadcast the videos made from this app.
TikTok may turn off

Let us know that with the help of the TikTok app, users can create and share small videos with those special effects. There are 54 million active users in India every month.

Miku Kumar, a senior advocate and social worker of Madurai against the TikTok app, filed a petition demanding the ban, accusing it of spreading obscene material. He also alleged in his petition that due to this app child abuse, suicides, cultural decline is occurring.

The court, while hearing the petition, said on Wednesday that children who are using this app are getting affected by fast porn content. Justin N. Kirubakaran and SS Sundari issued the order to ban the app and asked the central government to reply before 16th date.

At the same time, a spokesman for the Ticket App said that they are waiting for the court's order. We are committed to the local law.

The court earlier said in its decision that the dangerous aspect of this app is that due to this, the child can easily come in contact with any unknown person.

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