What to do if you have acidity | What is the treatment of acidity?

What to do if you have acidity | What is the treatment of acidity?

What should be done if there is gas in the stomach acidity? Before this, it is known that the acidity in the stomach is due to which. Gases in the stomach are due to many reasons.

Even after eating more spicy food, there is gas in the stomach. Due to not completely digesting food, the gas becomes in the stomach. Due to breakfast in the morning, it also causes acidity.

What to do if you have acidity | What is the treatment of acidity

Now the question arises, what should we do to get relief from stomach gas? We do not need to go to a doctor to remove stomach acidity. We can treat abdominal acidity at home only.

1. Stomach gas can be removed by taking oven. Take a teaspoon of oregano for this. Now, take a fourth part of a spoon of lemon juice. Lick the juice of lemon together with the oven and it will get relief in your stomach gas.

2. By eating bananas our body bones are strong. To get relief from stomach gas, drink two bananas for two to four days and drink milk. By consuming bananas with milk, your stomach will get relief from gas soon.

3. If a person is having pain in the stomach, as well as gas in the stomach, then hed is very useful for him. To heal the stomach's gas and stomachache, make a little bit of a little hinge and make it thin. Now place the hing churn on a little cotton cloth and put it on the stomach navel. This will cure stomach gas and stomachache both.

4. The simplest and best solution to remove the stomach gas is to make its rotis without filtering the flour. Stomach gas ends in a few minutes after eating the flour of bread with bran.

5. A mixture of ginger, cumin and rock salt can also be used to remove the stomach gas. Take a little ginger juice for this. Take a little bit of salt and take a little cumin and roast it. Take this mixture together by mixing all three together. After consuming this mixture, drink half a glass of lassi from above. Your stomach acidity will end soon.

6. It is very useful to use isabgol to eliminate acidity. After eating for this, take a glass of milk and use as isabgol. Your stomach acidity will be cured soon.

7. Orange juice is very useful in removing stomach gas. For this, put rock salt in a glass orange juice. Now take a little cumin, and fry it. Now add cumin seeds in orange juice and take this juice. By drinking orange juice, you will get relief in your stomach acidity.

8. Ginger and Mint juice are very beneficial to remove the stomach gas. Take equal quantity of ginger and mint juice, and eat it. Eat mint juice and ginger juice four times a day. Stomach acidity will end soon.

9. Just as ginger juice is mixed with the juice of mint leaves, drinking it leads to stomach acidity. In the same way mixing honey with ginger juice is also eliminated by drinking stomach acidity. To remove the stomach gas, take the amount of honey with equal quantity of ginger juice. Eating these two gives relief in stomach acidity.

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